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  • We are in an urgent need for new canvas tents. Our tent fly is wearing out and ripping. We need a Large Wall tent to replace it and to properly display and protect our aviation, tools, and gear to educate the public on the importance of the United States’ aviation role in WWII. In addition we are in urgent need for a new made Pyramid tent as our 1944 original is becoming too fragile and worn out to use for our sleeping quarters and to show the public how a field aviation maintenance unit lived on the job. If you would like to help please see our contact info below and check out the new made WWII style tents that we need to help educate the public at:
  • We’re also currently working with numerous aviation organizations to help preserve and promote Arizona's, the South West's, and our Nation's history and importance of aviation. Exciting details to follow.

Arizona Ground Crew

(602) 579-7850


Phone Number:

(602) 579-7850

  • In the past few months we've gotten our site upgraded and back up from the previous one.
  • We will be attending many Air Shows and Fly-ins throughout Arizona, the South West and Texas. See the schedule on the home page and check for updates.